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Broadband Applicant Geospatial Mashup App

Application Name: Broadband Applicant Geospatial Mashup App


Application URL:


Application Description: This application was created using JackBe's Presto Enterprise Mashup Platform. This app uses the 'Broadband Technologies Opportunities Program and Broadband Initiatives Program Database' published by the Department of Commerce on


The 'Broadband Applicant Geospatial Mashup App' presents a view of how the government could potentially allocate federally funded dollars to support the extension of Broadband infrastructure and education across the nation. This collection of mashup apps provides deeper insight into the companies, locations, projects and loans/grants requested to fulfill the Broadband promise. Each mashup app is detailed below.


Broadband Plan Dollars: Shows the total dollar amounts requested for Broadband infrastructure development, non-infrastructure education, applicant loans and applicant grants needed to extend Broadband across the nation.


Filter Broadband Applicants: Allows users to filter Broadband applicants by state, project grant amount, project type and organization. The results are displayed on a map with additional information about the company contact and project title. To view more project details, click 'view details' to initiate the applicant details app below.


Applicants Details: Provides more detail on the applicant's project description, type and grant/loan requested.


Org Project Funding Chart: Displays the percentages between the total project cost, the requested loan amount, the requested grant amount and any monetary difference the applicant would fund. The chart reflects what project amount would be funded by the government and what project amount would be funded by the applicant.


This collection of mashup apps is a great example of how mashups apply to an important public issue like transparency. Broadband is an important step in the right direction for everyone to participate in the information age. Set to drive economic productivity and opportunity, Broadband continues to be a powerful resource for our growing nation.



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