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Create Scenerios Showcasing Contributions for Key Issue

Many professional and social circles continue to focus on issues such as climate change, governmental fiscal imbalances, the demographic shift to older populations, depleting resources, health care, and increasing technological complexity. We are about to embark on a new decade and these unresolved issues will follow us. How will contribute toward addressing the tough questions we face in the next decade? One way to envision the contributions of is to build a series of scenerios, maybe one for each major issue that if left unresolved could lead to a major disruption.


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    Your suggestion is excellent one. The Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO) is responsible for the public/private sector planning and coordination to realize the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). At the federal level, we work x-agency with DHS, DOC/NOAA, DOD, DOT/FAA, NASA, and ODNI. We share your perspective and are engaged in scenario development. We are happy to share our work with you. You can find that on our site at and accessing the Joint Planning Environment. We are happy to contribute to this conversation and exchange.

    Thank you,

    Diana Takata


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    One step that could be taken is to leverage ANSI/AIIM 21:2009, Part 1 of the StratML standard, to link data sets to the strategic goals, objectives, and stakeholders they support.

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    Perhaps include emergency scenarios also such as hurricanes.

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    Khailaa Hosny

    May I suggest that besides scenarios, Also include "problem solving/risk analysis" mechanism to allow focusing in specific problem areas across the government. Similar to what Malcolm described in his book "Regulation Craft". This is to create a 3rd leg besides functional, and processes oriented organizational systems, and provide the required fabric for problem solving organization.

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    Love the idea. We're working on compiling both theoretical use cases ("what

    if..." visions) illustrating the value of having ready access to information

    to help make better decisions, as well as real world anecdotes where

    information has been used to make decisions. Our context is salmon in the

    Pacific Northwest, specifically in the Columbia River basin.

    Would be happy to share once we get a critical mass of both. Regards,

    Matt Deniston

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    Lisa Modica-Ruiz

    What a great idea. As a health educator and a student in public health it would be great to be able to see scenarios about disease outbreaks and other medical issues that are left unattended and possibly to see what is working in other places.

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