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Though there is another idea regarding a wikipedia entry... I think it is important to have a separate wiki set up for developers as there are many developer topics where collaboration is key. Of course, there are tons of precedent for this whereby many major development efforts/sites have developer wikis.


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    David Smith

    Providing developer tools, sample code, sandboxes and SDKs would be tremendously valuable toward data usage, adoption, integration and so on. I think what the Federal community also needs is essentially implementation of SourceForge-type approaches to leverage the vast number of GOTS investments going on across agencies. These typically-contractor efforts are taxpayer-funded, and as such, should, BY DEFAULT, be made available for free and transparent reuse by other agencies, following a same model as proposed for data. Unless there is an extremely compelling reason why code cannot be made available (e.g. security) then, by DEFAULT, it should be posted and available to any agency that can use it.

  2. Comment
    michael.daconta ( Idea Submitter )


    Agree whole heartedly ... great comment.

    This is a great question/initiative for the Federal CTO to undertake... I would think GOTS innovation would fall right into his area.

    - Mike

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    Larry Talley

    A developer wiki would also be a place where developers (the people building the core capabilities) could communicate/collaborate with developers in the agencies.

    For example, the Concept of Operations dated December 3, 2009, mentions the APIs (page 29) and asserts that "they are a near-term objective and are expected to be developed over the next six months."

    I suggest that six months isn't very far away, and perhaps developers should be exposing preliminary design work soon. A developer wiki would seem like an obvious way for the community of practice to follow the work and provide feedback at appropriate milestones.

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    This idea will result in improving the government's technology "miles per gallon" tremendously (a very high bang-for-buck).

    Those looking for evidence need look no further than Wikipedia. Wikipedia is hyper-efficiently driven by the primary stakeholders (just look at what they accomplish for a few million dollars per year). It's a tremendous asset that is referenced more than almost any other website on the Internet.

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    Jon Verville

    The Community Documentation page is pretty much a Wiki, it has versioning, authorship, and markup/down as well

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