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Expanding the Collaborative Platform on

While attending several Gov 2.0 events last month, I discovered there is a significant "back channel" of discussion and work going on related to the mission of But there is no platform to capture, nurture, and sustain these isolated efforts. Everyone was passionate about data, excited to find others who shared that passion, but each time we left with no way to extend these promising relationships. Several of us have since exchanged emails, had conference calls, and met virtually. And while this is a great start, a common platform for meeting, sharing, and organizing information would ramp it up. In the end this will increase the value of the site.


Just a few ideas for how that platform would be used:

Generation of more ideas between data users and govt agencies about how data is being used.

Ability for agencies to determine priorities for data development/publishing based on user needs

Finally a place where we can crowdsource and establish national data models

Flagging of significant data for specific uses

Platform for collaboration between local, state, and federal agencies (fully transparent)

Promotes and fosters inter-agency relationships



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