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Federal agencies are already trying their best to respond to a stream of unfunded mandates. Requiring federal agencies to a) expose their raw data as a service and b) collect, analyze, and respond to public comments requires resources. The requirement to make data accessible to (through) should be formally established as a component of one of the Federal strategic planning and performance management frameworks (GPRA, OMB PART, PMA) and each agency should be funded (resourced) to help ensure agency committment towards the effort. Without direct linkage to a planning framework and allocation of dedicated resources, success of will vary considerably across the federal government.


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    An important, but often unstated, idea behind open data is to make it easier personnel at other agencies and within agencies to access data --- or even know it exists. Open data is supposed to be an organizational force multiplier. You get data out there so it will be used. So, yeah, there should be a budget to help get this data out there, the quicker the better.

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