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Getting rid of governmentese

First -- Find a Napoleon's corporal to review and revise the words used in all information shown on your new website. Discard all made-up words, such as dataset and replace with words that can easily be understood by the dumb corporal. As it now stands, the contents of the website sound like a horror story of acronyms and weird words.

Second -- eliminate the "choose category" and "tags" boxes completely. Surely someone there is able to figure out into which category the recommended idea falls.



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    Community Member
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    Edited it out PII (full name)

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    Stephen Buckley

    What is needed is an easy way to explain what a special term or acronym means (i.e., "CONOPS).

    This could be done by providing a link to a definition of the "non-plain-English" word or phrase in question.

    Or, at the very least, an explanation of the acronym in the text: "Concept of Operations (CONOPS)".

    It is easy for bureaucrats (and regular people) to lapse into government jargon, so this is really the responsibility of the Moderators of the "blog"(heh!) to make guide the Users here to not use unclear dialects that can exclude others from a discussion.

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    I'd go further and suggest that the domain knowledge associated with the definition of a term such as CONOPS needs to be represented in its own database, with the ability to cross-reference this from the actual instance of the term.

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    the wording is typical of government, the more confusing it is the less the public will understand.

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    I am in agreement with awynne's comment. Definitions should be made available within the source, and perhaps a link to send email to the source to ask for clarification of terminology or data.

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