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While there are quite a few discussions on this site about search; I would like to see improved browsing via a robust taxonomy/folksonomy of topic areas. In fact, I would recommend both a top-down/bottom-up approach where you begin with a top-down taxonomy but allow it to be extended via topic area suggestions and popular keywords.

As a citizen, I don't always know what I want but want to browse and see what is available.


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    michael.daconta ( Idea Submitter )

    Both of these examples are good starts on what I was proposing. I like the drill down of the OntologyBrowser example and I like the nice Graphs in the Tableau public.

    These are great starts! I hope OMB considers both of these in launching


    - Mike

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    Unsubscribed User

    good idea Mike- and of course it si logical. You've been in the government- who ( what agency or committee) should take this idea on to amke it real?

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