Agency Next Steps

Kinds of data that all agencies should make available online

* Publish document retention policies

* Publish a list of all data sets (public or otherwise)

* Publish a list of all reports generated by the agency, when they're generated, by who, and whether they can be publicly obtained

* Publish all documents made public under FOIA in one place

* Publish agency's annual budget requests to OMB

* Publish a list of all senior staff, with their titles, responsibilities, and contact information

* Publicly release all CRS reports and similar kinds of documents

* Publish visitor logs (for building, or for certain senior staff)

* Publish daily schedule of certain senior staff

* Publish number of companies hire contractors from, the # of staff from each company, etc.

* Publish the agency's internal newsletter(s) publicly

* Publish statistics gathered by the agency online and in machine-readable formats

* Publish legislative histories created/ obtained by the agency

* Publish the agency's rules of procedures

* Publish the agency's organizational chart



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