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Make web-based interfaces available for public use

This entry is a consensus recommendation of seven organizations that work on government transparency of which is one.

Some of the currently posted files are quite large, ranging upward to several hundred megabytes. Their large size undermines their usefulness for most people or organizations. The large number of currently posted datasets also makes it difficult to find a particular database of interest. We therefore recommend that if a dataset is available from an agency through a web-based interface, link to that interface on the dataset's landing page. For a consumer looking for information on a car seat, for example, it would be far easier to search the Department of Transportation's online database rather than scrolling through screen after screen of raw data in XML format. Additionally, as agencies continue to post datasets to, efforts should be made to identify those of greatest public interest that lack such interfaces and develop web interfaces that allow the data to be explored online.


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    Hi afuller,

    We at Tableau believe that Tableau Public will be a great way for people to create and share interactive visualizations of this type of data. There is still much more work needed to make these data sets more accessible (discoverability, useful metadata, etc.), as well as hosting community discussions around a data set.

    As far as finding data sets of interest, this interactive dashboard I created may help:

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