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Salaries by Job and Industry

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We used a database from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. We wanted to make a searchable salaries database. We formatted the database along the top of the screen, jobs are listed by categories including Job Title, Industry Title, Total Employment, Hourly Mean Pay and Annual Mean Salary. For example, if you want to sort jobs in order of average salaries, select the Annual Mean Salary category to group results accordingly.


You can sort the filters below to narrow your search field. If you're looking for careers that offer an annual mean salary of at least $150,001, then check the boxes next to $150,001-$200,000 and $200,001-$250,000 under the Annual Mean Salary filter. Interested in finding out the average hourly pay of lawyers in the real estate industry? Type lawyer into the Job filter and real estate into the Industry filter to narrow your search accordingly. Are you an accountant in the finance industry looking to find out the average salary for a person in your position? Type in Accountant in the Job filter and Finance in the Industry filter for immediate results. You can also compare various jobs and industries to find out how much they pay above the minimum wage.


This would be very useful to incoming college freshmen trying to decide what major to choose or job seekers looking for a high paying career.


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