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Create a page that highlights applications that are making use of data from The examples should be real world (not demo's) sites that currently are making use of the data. They should range from simple to more complex. The public should be able to submit their sites to list. Possibly to encourage the use of the data prizes should be given out for the "best" sites, chosen by the goverment, or by public voting.

Contests to make use of the data would give insentives for the data to be used, and possibly create more value, and show the value of the system (it may also encourage larger buy-in from the different branches of government) and encourage local goverments to provide more data.


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    Could be hard to accomplish from a government perspective without advertising/favoring private institutions, but I think this idea has promise. Perhaps a good first step would be to isolate this showcase to public agency applications - for instance a DMV application that makes use of a Department of Transportation data set...

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    The Sunlight Foundation sponsored something like this. They awarded with $10,000 for Sunlight’s Apps for America 2: The Challenge. is a Web application designed by Forum One Communications that lets anyone—no programming background required—choose different government data sets and mash them up to create visualizations and compare results on a state by state basis.

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    Brian Ahier

    Why not allow the showcase to be crowd sourced? Just like these ideas, uses of data to be showcased could be voted up or down...

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