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Simplify and Radically Improve Search Capability (e.g.,

The current search tool is capable but cumbersome and does not yield desired results. We should combine and leverage capabilities in other government websites that have good search engines (and/or are planning on more improvements such as

We should leverage and make this search available simply on the top of the site for all users. we should also have the ability to invoke more complex search capabilities as required.


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  1. Comment
    Andrew Turner

    A simple first step would be to expose an OpenSearch description interface. Developers could build additional example search interfaces.

    On itself, the ability to sub-filter and build up more complex queries would be great, with a link to share.

    See Project Blacklight for examples of faceting and building query UI's (

  2. Comment
    David Smith

    It would also be interesting to see search interfaces which allow federation across things like agency data catalogs and so on. For example, ONE search interface which searches agency web pages, agency document repositories (like ZyLab or Documentum), data catalogs (such as geospatial data catalogs and and agency web services (UDDI) - users could filter and broaden/narrow results using type filters or a simple user interface.

  3. Comment

    The advanced search feature of should be enhanced to enable selective searching for .xml and .xsd files.

    Whereas currently provides access to 74 XML datasets, a query of turns up thousands of .xml and .xsd files.

  4. Comment

    google search works much better than you will neve beat them. instead try to make google searches work better for sites

  5. Comment
    Louis Sweeny

    akwill: I totally agree, I've put up a new idea based on this...i.e. that one of our most important goals is to make data resources more findable via ANY mechanism....that is the broader mission.

  6. Comment

    I too agree that should not aim to be the uber portal but, rather, should facilitate the discovery of data sets and records via whatever means the user may choose. That is real openness. It seems to me that purpose would be served by finalizing and implementing the XML schema for the FEA Data Reference Model (DRM). See also

  7. Comment

    yes please to this idea. Also, selection boxes such as the one used to "Search 'raw' data by single/multiple agency" are currently pretty cramped... it's hard to go through 44 lines of text meaningfully when you can only read three lines at a time. It's like trying to suck a gallon of milk through a coffee stirrer ;). They gotta be made taller, or at least taller on the advanced search or full search page...

    One thing that is critical for an 'advanced search' page is the pretty and well designed layout which currently permeates the site.

  8. Comment

    The improvement of the search function is of critical importance.

    This portal teases us with hints of untold data riches.

    But really, right now, these riches are out of reach because the search function is so completely inadequate.

    There have been several great comments about ways to improve the search function - but nothing has been done.

    What is the holdup?

    Until the search function is overhauled, this portal is useless. Sorry for the rant - but it's the truth.

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