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Social Media support for Executable English Q/A

Data by itself is necessary, but not enough, for practical applications.

What's needed is knowledge about how to use the data to answer questions -- such as, "how much could the US save through energy independence?"

There's emerging technology that leverages social media for the huge task of acquiring and curating the necessary knowledge -- in the form of executable English.

One can Google "executable English" to find this.

Imagine, in 2010, being able to answer the above question, and many others, and also explaining the answers in English.


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    Ethan McMahon

    This idea seems to be about moving from data to its meaning (in the information hierarchy, moving from data to information to knowledge to wisdom). Let's keep our eyes on that goal and take it one step at a time. At the data end, maybe people could post comments about how they used data to answer a specific question. Or they could point from the data to the app (and vice versa) that answers a question.

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    adriandwalker ( Idea Submitter )

    No harm in taking things one step at a time.

    However, "Social Media support for Executable English Q/A" is more than just an idea. It's live online, with many examples. If you Google "Executable English" you'll be able to follow the links to it.

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