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option to solar panels for constellation project

Recently I saw your documentary on the History..or Discovery channel outlining your plans for the Constellation Misson/Project. You stated that you could not land in a favorable and safe site due to the fact that you would only be able to uses solar panels during daylight periods. So you are landing in a dangerous site in order to have sunlight 24/7. This would seem to me that you are baseing the entire success of the Constellation Mission soley on solar panels to provide power to the station.

But what if there was an option to solar panels? What if you could have power in daylight or darkness? What if you could also give the Rover unlimited mileage? And as the colony grows, so could the power, to the point of having a surplus that might be stored in lithium-ion batteries, or another device.

This option is a truly Green Engery Source. It is a sustainable power source and can be configured to power the habitats, the Rover and even power homes here on Earth.

You are, and so is everyone else, spending large amounts of funding on reasearch for high-efficiency solar panels and storage systems,(batteries). For a fraction of that, you could research and build a far better power source. This source could work alongside or independently of solar panels.

The same basic componet can be used here to help power homes, either as a supplement to help lower the power bill or to operate the entire home completly off the grids, to help ease the burden on the systems.

This is "Green Energy" for both here, the moon and beyond. It could possibly be configured to supply power on space craft. And it could not only ppower the Rover, but any vehicles/construction equipment that you have in mind.

If the Constellation Mission is to succeed and grow, why not give it the best chances we have. PLease consider this option. i am not against solar panels, I would like to see both systems used, but to depend soley on panels seems a little risky when another option is available.


Thank you for listening to my proposal for an option to total solar panel dependance. If anyone there at NASA wants to contact me, please feel free, you can contact me off my login sheet. My login is george1lamb


Please overlook my spelling. Again...Thank you. ;)



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