Developer's Corner

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Code Repository

In addition to posting datasets and web services, Agencies should also be posting code and documentation. As with a data policy of "By default, all data should be made available, unless there are compelling reasons why not, e.g. sensitivity" so to should be the case with GOTS code. A large number of parallel development efforts by contractors and agency staff alike are underway across many agencies, often replicating ...more »


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Solution Architecture

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Let Collaborative Tools Drive Future Contributions

The "Collaboration" section that starts on page 9 of the draft is a great start. Over at I've listed a few more. Summarized here: 1) For each data set, provide a set of developer-generated recipes for data manipulation so that future developers can stand on the shoulders of previous users of this data set by sharing tools and techniques. ...more »


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Key Partnerships

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Expanding the Collaborative Platform on

While attending several Gov 2.0 events last month, I discovered there is a significant "back channel" of discussion and work going on related to the mission of But there is no platform to capture, nurture, and sustain these isolated efforts. Everyone was passionate about data, excited to find others who shared that passion, but each time we left with no way to extend these promising relationships. Several of ...more »


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