Agency Next Steps

Kinds of data that all agencies should make available online

* Publish document retention policies * Publish a list of all data sets (public or otherwise) * Publish a list of all reports generated by the agency, when they're generated, by who, and whether they can be publicly obtained * Publish all documents made public under FOIA in one place * Publish agency's annual budget requests to OMB * Publish a list of all senior staff, with their titles, responsibilities, and contact ...more »


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Make it more obvious how to suggest datasets!

It should be more obvious to users of both the main Data.gov site and this Ideascale site how to suggest datasets!


1. "Suggest Data" (or something like it) should be a Data.gov main menu item


2. "Dataset Suggestions" should be a "Category" here (on the Ideascale-based site)


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