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Code Repository

In addition to posting datasets and web services, Agencies should also be posting code and documentation. As with a data policy of "By default, all data should be made available, unless there are compelling reasons why not, e.g. sensitivity" so to should be the case with GOTS code. A large number of parallel development efforts by contractors and agency staff alike are underway across many agencies, often replicating similar efforts. To realize economies of scale and foster collaboration, there should be a centralized Federal initiative to promote sharing and reuse of code and documentation across agencies, similar to a SourceForge approach. Agencies could maintain such code repositories, with a common API that allows a single point of entry to search across all agencies.


The intent would be to facilitate code sharing where developed using government funding, e.g. GOTS code developed under contract to an agency, code developed via grants and so on. Private sector individuals making their own investments in innovative code would not need to participate but could do so on a voluntary, opt-in basis - proprietary code and COTS software code that was not developed through federal funding would not need to be posted.


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