Solution Architecture

Data Enhancement/Manipulation Capabilities

Provide basic capability toward data enhancement/manipulation/packaging -


Here, the idea would be to provide reusable infrastructure that can be used by data stewards for data enhancement, and potentially conversion and packaging.


Sample use case: Data steward uploads an Excel spreadsheet containing his data, which also includes addresses and - and then uses tools provisioned by to geocode the dataset to allow it to be exported and displayed in Google Earth as KML.


This could also later be extended, to potentially allow steward to architect his own data conversion/manipulation functionalities, to allow the data steward to, for example, convert/reproject/geo-enable datasets as needed, to re-emit as ESRI Shapefile, KML, and so on.


Additionally, this type of a tool-based approach could also potentially allow data to be filtered by attribute, such as facilitating chunking by state, by time period, or other useful capabilities.



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