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Why not create a forum where the citizens have a place to discuss topics that impact us all and maybe the government will monitor to help try and follow the sway of the people and not just the sway of those with the most money?


I would like to see a discussion on such topics as:


1) Government collects 450+ million in Social Security Tax each year but only spends roughly 145 million on Social Security any yet its almost bankrupt??


2) Government says it wants to boost the nations economy by building jobs for US Citizens yet turns around and gives millions in tax breaks to companies that build plants and move jobs to other countries.


3) Government says it is going to crack down on the banks and credit companies that took the bailout money and yet every week there is another report of some CEO getting a 300 million retirement package or some company that got bailout fund having a corporate party in Hawaii


So yes, I would like a place that the citizens of this country can go to state issues that have, be able to disucss them with other citizens and possibly get someone form the Government to actually take notice.



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