Strategic Intent

Should be simple, but not simplistic

The approach to making information available should be simple, but not simplistic. Common things should be simple to achieve, more complex things should be possible. What I mean by this can be seen by contrasting a spreadsheet to a relational database. In my view spreadsheets are "simplistic". Relational databases are really not that much more difficult to use, I would even say they are simple to use. A relational database is exponentially more powerful than a spreadsheet because you can create relationships between different tables of data. Creating relationships between spreadsheets is extremely difficult to impossible when you get into more complex information.


This is NOT to say that I think that a relational approach is the best. I believe that leveraging the multidimensional model is superior due to the flexibility offered by the multidimensional model. Business intelligence software leverages the multidimensional model because of this flexibility. If you don't know what the multidimensional model is, think of say Excel pivot tables.



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