State Appropriations Statements w/Response - Accountability

(paperless) Any entity that is payrolled or utilizes taxpayer dollars: information on all expendatures, down to the "inth". Set up in a format similar to a P&L or MRO- filters allowing search & drilldown. With appropriate email Q&A contact and escalated contact. This information is already maintained on PC & concerned taxpayers would readily help self manage this area.


ie 1) I've lived in Utah for my life and would like to know how much we're paying to manage wild horses, that have managed themselves for hundreds(?) of years. see link:


ie 2) I was in an Office Supply store & overheard 2 customers talking of having to spend their government office budget or they would loose it, and get that much less next year too. They spent a couple thousand dollars (and got perks card for themselves), then stated they had $12k more to spend within the week...


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