Top 5 metadata elements?

What would the community feel is the top 5 metadata elements that should be mandatory for a dataset catalog record AND of those 5 which do you think is most important to developers and citizens wanting to discover and use datasets that are relevant to them?


Here is a recommendation:

1. Subject Coverage (aka topic or "WHAT", for a hierarchical tree display/browsing)

2. Schema Location (for structured datasets)

3. Geospatial Coverage (aka "WHERE", for a map display)

4. Temporal Coverage (aka "WHEN", for a timeline display)

5. Biographical Coverage (aka "WHO", for a link analysis display)


Note: by "Coverage" I mean (like DDMS) the contents of the dataset and not metadata about the publisher (though that is important too, just not in regarding to relevance).


What are your Top 5?



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