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Agency Next Steps

Data Reference Model

With reference to the role of the agency CIOs as set forth in the draft CONOPS, it would be good if agencies published their segments of the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Data Reference Model (DRM) on their Web sites in XML format conforming to a finalized version of XML schema (XSD) for the DRM. Doing so would enable automated aggregation of the governmentwide DRM and faciliate... more »


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Solution Architecture Dashboard - Use FEA BRM/SRM to model dashboard measures

I would like to recommend that the dashboard be developed (aligned) with the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Business Reference Model (BRM) and Service Component Reference Model (SRM).

The BRM provides a view of the federal government’s core lines of business (the products and services it delivers to its citizens, the private sector, and other government agencies), and the SRM classifies the internal... more »


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