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Solution Architecture

Data sets should be extensible like XBRL or RDF/OWL

Data sets should be extensible or flexible, similar to the characteristics of XBRL or RDF/OWL, rather than fixed schemas. This flexibility allows the data sets to evolve, it allows others to connect additional information to existing information. The notion of "linked data" as used by the Semantic Web people.

Both XBRL and RDF/OWL are modeled as graphs which are extremely flexible. Combine these graphs with the... more »


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Strategic Intent

Semantic Web and Linked Open Data

As additional datasets become exposed through RDF, and described through RDFS/OWL-based ontological definitions, I would like to see the ability to mashup DATA.GOV datasets with the rest of the Linked Open Data cloud, using SPARQL.


Mitchell Ummel

Government/Public Sector Practice

Cutter Research


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